The Most Popular White PPG Paint Colors and How to Use Them

One thing people always ask us: How do you choose the right white paint color? Picking white paint colors can be tough. Do you go for a bright hue or for something more mellow? Start with 10 of Paintzen’s most popular shades of white and how our house painters have used them.

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1) PPG Willow Springs

grisoro designs white modern bedroom
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When painting a bedroom, keep the color palette simple with a minimalist color scheme. A creamy wall color like Willow Springs works across a range of styles and is particularly beautiful in this sleeping space.

2) PPG Parrafin

white bedroom blanket
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Modern rooms can handle striking color palettes, but a popular modern pairing, like black and white, can come off as cold. To give your modern space some warmth, get a crisp parchment tone such as Parrafin painted on your walls.

3) PPG Silver Feather

grisoro designs gray bedroom
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If rustic modern is your thing, use a touch of gray on your walls. It’s not just for men! 🙂 It’ll set off the peach, pink, and wood tones, and in this bathroom, it picks up the gray in the floor. Get Silver Feather for this look.

4) PPG Glacial Ice

split level living room gray
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A living room with lots of light requires the whitest white to maximize the light. A clear, pure white like Glacial Ice will bring out the best in furnishings and art. See what it does with the bold pops in this living room, with its orange pendant lamp and vibrant art.

5) PPG Aria

white breezy bedroom
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Serene, coastal spaces take their color cues from the ocean, sky, and sand. When your space with this style is getting painted, try a blue-toned white like Aria.

6) PPG Delicate White

grisoro designs white nook
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Set off your home’s architectural details with a classic hue like Delicate White. Paintzen painters believe that painting trim and walls the same color let the eye travel seamlessly around the room.

7) PPG Radisson

white walls floating shelves
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If you are getting your small, eat-in kitchen painted,  it can appear bigger with a coat of white paint. PPG’s Radisson brings out the best in any space, creating a warm welcoming feel.

8) PPG Vanilla Milkshake

white fireplace cream living room
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Our milkshake brings all the boys to the yard — that is if the yard is your living room and milkshake is the PPG paint, Vanilla Milkshake. Choose this yummy color in a traditional room with coastal touches. It gives any space the relaxing feel of a sandy beach.

9) PPG Moonlit Snow

grisoro designs white bathroom
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You don’t need to sacrifice style in your bathroom. A super-clean color like Moonlit Snow can be used to make the most of a colorful vanity while keeping the whole room bright and cheerful.

10) PPG Cow’s Milk

white kitchen cabinets gray tile
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A cottage and the color white are BFFs! If you’re renovating a charming space like this cottage kitchen, you can’t go wrong with white. Let other elements, like the floor and countertops, dictate the undertone. Here, a creamy color like Cow’s Milk pulls together the tile floors and countertops.

Browse more white paint ideas in our samples portal. And if you need help picking between cream, gray-white or blue undertones for your own house, you can order free color swatches.

Once you have learned more about our house painting services and would like to get a room, or multiple rooms, in your house painted white, go ahead and get a free and instant online quote. Paintzen house painters can be ready in as little as a week to start on your project.