How Much Does it Cost to Paint My Apartment?

For some people, painting can be a new, fun project or a nightmare to steer clear of. If price is a deciding factor for you it’s important to understand what goes into the final cost when hiring a professional.

Cost to Paint an Apartment

So, how much does it cost to paint an apartment? The cost to paint your apartment can vary based on the square feet, project details, which PPG paint you choose, the supplies you need, and if you DIY the project or hire a professional.

Red Livingroom in a Bright Apartment

Factors That Determine Pricing

The size of the apartment is one of the most significant factors that will impact the price. The larger the room the more paint and labor that will be needed thus naturally inflating the price tag.

Painting yourself or hiring a contractor is another factor that can significantly impact the overall cost. If you DIY the painting project, it’s essential to consider the prices of prep materials, painting supplies, the paint itself, as well as the time you take doing it on your own. The cost of hiring a painting professional includes the cost of some materials such as the paint and sundries, as well as paying for a professional’s time and expertise.

Brightly Lit Green Livingroom in a Modern Chicago Apartment

Completing any necessary repair work before painting will also impact the cost of the overall project. In addition to repair work, high ceilings, painting over dark surfaces, and painting detailed features, such as trim work or columns, may also contribute to the final cost of the paint job. If you’re hiring a professional, it’s important to discuss these elements before beginning the project.

Apartment Bedroom With a Blue Color Scheme

Steps to Painting Your Apartment

Whether you’re planning on DIYing your apartment painting project or hiring a professional, it’s essential to know the steps involved before beginning the project. Completing all the necessary steps will result in a smooth paint job if you’re painting yourself. If you’re hiring a contractor, knowing all the steps will help you understand what goes into the cost and how the painters will be spending their time. Because of the detailed steps for a painting project, hiring a professional can make this experience as efficient as possible. The below steps are essential to getting an ideal, long-lasting paint application.

  • Deciding on your color scheme, picking the paint colors, determining how much paint you need, and investing in the right tools are all crucial steps to take during the planning process.
  • Prepping all surfaces and surrounding areas is the next step. Laying down a drop cloth, cleaning any grime or marks, patching up any holes, and taping the area will ensure your surface is ready to be painted.
  • Priming the surfaces is only necessary when covering wall repairs or when switching from a dark color to a lighter one. Including a priming step ensures the paint job looks its best and doesn’t have any marks or color poking through.
  • Once all surfaces are prepped and primed, they are ready to paint.
  • Clean up. Once the area is painted, cleaning up paint spills, storing the paint, washing the brushes and rollers, and packing away the drop cloth is all part of the painting process.

Hire Paintzen

Hiring Paintzen for your upcoming apartment painting project can result in a professional paint job without the stress, mess, and hassle of painting yourself. We have a complete platform of insured, licensed where necessary, on-demand paint contractors ready to add a fresh coat of paint to apartments of all shapes and sizes. We also can provide all the necessary paint and supplies for your living room paint project. If you’re wondering how much does a custom paint job costs, start by getting a free online quote.