Why Black Paint Colors Are the New Gray

When PPG Paints, announced that Black Flame was Color of the Year in 2018, they heralded a shift in how we think about black paint colors.

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two tone cabinets white black

While interior colors have gravitated toward gray the last few years, color trends are now going darker. Black and darker color tones make us feel calm and comforted in a stressful world. We are seeing rooms use dark gray all the way to true black paint colors on everything from accent walls to dining rooms to the exterior or front door.

Black paint is a great choice because many shades of black function as a neutral color but also lend themselves to be bold and daring.

Here’s PPG’s Black Flame, a chalky, indigo take on black in a living room.

black paint living room

If you’re hesitant of painting a whole room black, start with trim or doors.

bedroom black paint

Black paint can function as a neutral color. Use it as an alternative to white.

black exterior rowhouse

At this year’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, black was everywhere, including bathroom fixtures. Fixtures and accessories are a great way to add just a touch of this rich, dark color.

Don’t be afraid to balance black with a bright hue.

Next time you’re considering going gray or another neutral tone, why not try pushing it one or two shades darker, toward an elegant-yet-cozy black.

Browse our Inspiration Board, where you can see room after beautiful room with similar paint colors.

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