4 Best Bedroom Paint Colors for Sleep

A bedroom should be a sanctuary where you immediately feel a little bit lighter, calmer, and more relaxed. One of the best ways to transform your bedroom into this oasis of tranquility is the color you select for the walls. Whether you prefer light and airy or deep and moody, the color of your walls will set the overall tone for the vibe of your bedroom and help you achieve your best sleep. Shades of blue, white, green and beige for a bedroom can help facilitate an excellent night’s sleep. Read on for the best bedroom colors for rest.

How Color Affects Moods and Sleep

Colors have a significant influence on how we feel. Because the receptors that govern our brain’s daily wake and sleep cycle are particularly sensitive to the color blue, shades of blue are some of the best colors that can lead to a good night’s sleep. In fact, a study done by the hotel chain Travelodge reveals that people who sleep in blue bedrooms clock a healthy eight hours of quality sleep because of blue’s association with feelings of calmness.

Best Bedroom Colors for Sleep

Paint palettes that include shades of blue, white, green and beige can create the most calming, restful sleep environment. For more details on the particular colors, read on for insight on how to incorporate these hues in your bedroom.


Blue is often considered the best color to paint your bedroom for sleep, as shades of blue for a bedroom are highly restful.

For a traditional bedroom, a deeply saturated blue can feel calming and dramatic. A dark, rich blue can make your bedroom feel like a cocoon, especially if you paint from the baseboards to the ceiling. Being enveloped in this calming yet bold hue can induce instant relaxation.

Also, a slate blue is bright enough to invigorate you out of bed in the early mornings and calming enough to set the scene for a good night’s sleep. This shade of blue pairs beautifully with neutral hues, such as creams and whites.

A calming blue bedroom perfect for a restful sleep


A white bedroom is a blank canvas that can instantly relax your mind. A warm white shade of paint is clean, crisp classic and visually calming. It’s also ideal for layering in plenty of texture. So whether you’re layering in a wool carpet, a sheepskin rug, cashmere blankets, various lighting layers, or woven furniture accents, white paint will always provide a serene backdrop.

White bed room with soft peach curtains creating a serene bedroom


Green is an excellent bedroom paint color if you’re drawn to earthy, rich hues. A deep olive color can be a sophisticated yet rustic color choice. Deep green pairs beautifully with creams, leathers, brass and dark wood tones. While a deep olive shade is a bold, deep shade, it still gives a calming vibe.

Alternatively, a pale green paint color can create a soothing environment that mimics the serenity of the outdoors. For example, if your bedroom windows view a natural landscape, such as the backyard, green can help marry the indoors and outdoors.

Forest green living room perfect for relaxing

4. Beige

Whether it’s a shade or beige or greige, this neutral shade can be the perfect light, neutral color for a bedroom. Beige or greige can create a soothing, restful vibe and pairs well with olive green, taupe and light wood. A beige or gray paint color can also be a perfect neutral that reads as calm, cozy and clean. It can create a warm, therapeutic feeling in a bedroom and pair well with other neutrals.

Calming neutral beige bedroom perfect for unwinding

As you prepare your bedroom to get your best night’s sleep, the paint selection can be essential in creating the vibe you want to achieve. Whether you prefer light and airy or cocooned and cozy, there is a perfect paint color for you.

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