A Color Guide For Every Surface

Picking a paint color for your space is a stressful endeavor. Paintzen wants to give you the tools to make that as easy possible, using numerous color resources and our free color swatch program. If you are haven’t the slightest idea what color to go with for your project, run through our brief color guide that will introduce you to how paint impacts a space.


black shiplap siding

Dark colors like black have a calming effect that relieves stress. Since dark colors are in style now, black is often used instead of gray. Black is a good neutral for trim, accent pieces, and fixtures. It contrasts nicely with the bright colors in this color guide.


basic apartment bedroom white walls

White paint makes a room feel light, bright, and large. Different whites complement different color families. Warm or creamy whites can help to pull different elements of an eclectic design together or add warmth to a black-and-white color scheme. A bright white maximizes the light in the room and sets off bright colors, while slightly gray sets off warm tones. A blue-toned white coordinates with other blues.


featured project boston office

Beige makes your home look warm and inviting. As a neutral, beige goes well with a variety of colors and styles, giving you the freedom to experiment with different color families. It looks good with black and white, wood, and other brown tones.


white fireplace cream living room

Neutral paint colors make a room look large, open, and airy. They also coordinate with other paint color families. Since they look good in online photos, they’re a good choice for the walls if you plan to sell your house. Neutrals also make it easier for buyers to imagine their own things there.


slate blue home office

Blue is a popular color for bedrooms because its soothing effect helps people sleep well. Dark blues fit the trend toward dark colors, while lighter blues are fresh and airy. For a more subtle look, try a blue with gray or green tones. Blue looks great with both blue furnishings and with contrasting colors.


2019 ppg coty crown molding

Greens range from vivid and brilliant to soft and tranquil. A bright green energizes a room. Subtle gray greens go well with both warm and cool colors, making them a good choice if you want to use several colors in a room. Green paint colors make you think of nature, harmony, and growth.


yellow orange living room

Yellow is the most cheerful family in this color guide. Since light yellows make a room feel lighter, they are a good choice for rooms that don’t get much sunlight. Put white beside yellow to make the room feel even lighter. Subtle earthy yellows add warmth to a room, while bright yellow makes a bold accent, especially for a ceiling.


red dining room with white chair rail

Red is the boldest of the paint color families. Whether used on the walls or as an accent, red paint adds drama and energizes a space. A bright red makes a room feel cozy and warms up the cooler colors in it. Since rust tones provide the rich warmth of red without its boldness, they are excellent for a warm and earthy look.


chicago bedroom red accent 2

As the traditional royal color, purple can be elegant, fun, or mysterious. Use a vivid purple or fuchsia with other bright colors for a bold look, perhaps in a kid’s room. A grayed lavender provides a lovely subtle effect that can be highly sophisticated.

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