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Converting your attic into a living space? This article can talk about lighting (lamps, windows/skylights, etc.), the size of the space, what it will be used for and what furniture you’re using may all influence your color choice.

Are you converting your attic into a bedroom or playroom? Renovating your home’s upper-level space will add more living space to your home, making room for everything from sleeping to hobbies to playtime. Get ideas for paint colors for your attic bedroom or playroom.

Attic Lighting Plays a Role

Paint colors for attic bedroom

An unfinished attic is full of potential, waiting to be made into just the space you need – whether that’s a new attic bedroom or playroom for the kids, a library or even a meditation space.

Picking paint colors for your attic is an important part of any renovation. But before you pick a paint color, check out your light. Does your attic (or renovation) include sky lights or dormers to let in natural light? Or is your space windowless?

If your space is dark – no (or limited) natural light – choose a light color like cream or beige. Those warmer hues avoid the cold feeling you might get with pure white, especially when it’s illuminated by lamps. Or, for a playful look, choose a pastel like ballet-slipper pink or sky blue. Like beige and cream, those pastels can give this lofty space a personality while making the small room feel larger.

For attics with an abundance of natural light, embrace the airy charm. Try a creamy white for a bright feel. Or go with a deep, leafy green to create your very own treehouse.

Furnishings and Flooring Matter, Too

Paint colors for attic

What type of flooring do you have in this upstairs space? Carpet? Wood or laminate? Throw rugs? Consider your flooring when you’re choosing your paint color. You want the paint to coordinate with the flooring rather than clashing with it. If you have a favorite rug, try pulling a paint color from the rug to unify the space.

Furnishings make a difference, as well. There’s a big difference between an attic bedroom and an attic playroom. Choose a color that suits the style of your furnishings and the room’s use.

Try More Than One Color

Bright Teenager's Room On Attic

Since they’re located under the roof, attics typically have interesting angles. Sometimes they’re a simple triangle; sometimes knee walls give you a sort of spatial geometry. Make the most of those angles by using more than one color.

For instance, if you’re creating a master bedroom and want a sophisticated but soothing space, try charcoal gray on the walls and a coordinating white on the ceiling.

Or, if your space is long and narrow, paint everything cream or beige and then add an accent wall in a bold or dark hue. Another possibility? Stripes, like the ones in the room above. Let your imagination be your guide.

Need help choosing colors for your attic? Get a free paint quote or talk with our color consultants today. Get free paint samples and have fun choosing your home’s color scheme with the help of the color pros at Paintzen.