How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Painter?

The Process Overview

How much does it cost to hire a painter is a loaded question because there is a lot involved in the process. Beyond the supplies, there is a lot of manual labor and skill required for a good quality paint job. A house painter does a lot more than apply color to your walls; they also prepare the surfaces for paint! Cleaning, patching, sanding, and possibly stripping old paint from the walls may be necessary.

The job’s final cost will depend on many factors: square feet of the project, type of paint, how many gallons of paint, the labor cost or hourly rate of your professional painter, and other interior painting costs will determine the total cost of your project.

Understand Painting Costs

The Paint Cost

The cost of paint is obviously the first major expense that comes to mind when painting a home. One gallon of paint can cover about 300 to 350 square feet. For a primer, prices are usually between $30-$50 per gallon. And quality paint costs roughly $40-$70 per gallon, but paint costs can change dramatically with different finishes and different brands or qualities.

When buying your paint, it is always important to consider your room’s size or house exterior. It may seem silly, but the more surface you are painting, the more paint you will need to purchase. You also need to consider dark and textured surfaces because this will require more paint.

The Labor Cost

The cost to hire a professional painting service is worth it when you see the prep work required. Taping the wall’s edges, protecting the floor, and covering the furniture are the next steps. Although necessary, the time needed for this job can be for several hours.
Most people don’t want to put in that amount of time to do the work themselves. However, without it, the results can be disastrous. Preparation is just as necessary as the skill and technique offered by the house painter.

For interior or exterior projects, individual painting contractors’ hourly rates can range from $50 to $80. Their rates can vary based on experience, company, and location, in addition to the conditions of the walls.

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Since labor is a big portion of the total cost, here are some ways you can keep labor costs down.

Get Multiple Bids

Get recommendations from friends, aggregator sites like Angie’s List, or your local paint or hardware store. (Paintzen offers a price match guarantee for comparable quotes; ask your Project Advisor.) But don’t just compare costs. Make sure you look at what is being offered: insurance, customer service, timeline, etc.

Ask each painter about preparation and painting. Get the names of the products they’ll use, how many coats they’ll apply, and the cost for any additional coats.

Have a Contract

This doesn’t have to be a multipage document. Even a couple of sentences will do, such as: “We’ll use one coat of primer and put two coats of paint. We’ll use Pittsburgh Paints eggshell, color to be determined.” The most important thing is to get it in writing.

DIY Part of the Job

While the paint is cheap, prep-work is expensive. The more work you can do upfront, the more you’ll save when it comes time to paint. Here are some tasks you can do beforehand to keep costs down:

  • Move the furniture
  • Clean the walls, patch holes, and sand rough spots

Keep the Same (or Similar) Colors

By choosing colors that are the same or similar to your existing colors, you may be able to get away with a single coat – assuming that the surface is in good condition.

Also, plan to spend more on bright colors or jewel tones. They may need more coats to cover well. If you want a brighter color, stepping up your paint grade to a premium paint will help you finish the job with fewer coats.

Additional Costs to Be Aware Of

When working with painters, you should be aware of the additional costs and labor hours that can accrue. Things like repairing drywall, moving furniture, removing wallpaper, using multiple colors, painting accent walls, covering dark paint with a lighter color, and other tasks are all things that can be additional fees. Individual painting contractors may also charge for other supplies, like brushes, paint tray liners, caulk, and rollers, which will also add to the project’s cost.

If your home’s exterior is concrete, vinyl, stucco, wood, or metal, be aware that many painters charge additional money for painting these surfaces because they need to be specially treated or may need to be cleaned. Additional touches, like window sashes, gutters, porches, and the like, may cost extra as well.

With Paintzen, the cost of professional painters for your project runs through our quoting technology, which quotes the job by its size and scope, not by hours. This removes any hidden costs that might occur.

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Choosing a House Painter

When you think about all of the factors that go into a regular paint job, it makes sense to hire a professional, insured, and licensed painter for around $400 per room.

The benefit of hiring a professional painter is that you can take the stress of such a large home renovation off your shoulders by letting the professionals handle it. A professional can give you back time because they can finish it quickly and in a quality that is often better than DIY.

House painters know exactly what to do, what tools work best, and the best paints to use to give your home an exact look you are dreaming of. Additionally, painters are accustomed to working on ladders and scaffolds, and Paintzen painters are all insured.

Take some time to explore all of the PPG paint colors that we have available to you. Get a free quote today for your home painting services.

The Benefit of Hiring a Painter

Take a look at the cost to hire a painting service compared to the home’s increased value. Your property’s value ebbs and flows with the current real estate market. However, enhancing it with low-cost investments like a new paint job will certainly up the value. Add a fresh coat of paint to the exterior or interior, try a new color on walls or ceiling, or refresh the look of doors and trim.

There’s no need for massive renovations that cost thousands of dollars. You’ll see more return on the home by simply giving it a new appearance with a fresh coat of paint. Potential buyers see the paint job, and they equate the investment with the rest of the home’s features. Your bathroom and kitchen fixtures may be a decade old, but they look spectacular against a freshly painted backdrop.

The cost to paint a room is also worth it if you want to rent the property.

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These days, renters are pickier than ever. They want an attractive home that’s worth their monthly payment. It’s easy to differentiate between a professional paint job and an amateur’s effort.

Renters will see the expert paint job as a reflection of the landlord’s attention to detail. (Every renter wants a thoughtful landlord!) Renting out that room or entire property will happen much faster with a fresh coat of paint.

Based on your requirements, the walls’ condition, and other factors, how much you pay per square foot could be more or less. Like Paintzen, some businesses can include the cost of paint in your order for a more all-inclusive solution. We use high-quality PPG Paints on every job. We also bring all the supplies!

To save on your next house painting project, hire Paintzen! To begin, get a free house painting quote today and hire a painter!