Our Favorite Creative Ceiling Paint Ideas

Statement ceilings are a must-watch trend. Painted ceilings can make your home decor feel like new. Paintzen’s professional house painters are skilled in painting or wallpapering residential ceilings. Turn your painted ceiling idea into a reality by getting a free instant quote from Paintzen.

Go Classic

white ceiling paint idea

If you’re a traditionalist who likes to stick with white ceilings – that is your prerogative! And while you may want to highlight your trayed ceiling features, painting the whole ceiling white can make your room feel larger and taller.

Even better, pair your white ceiling with white walls can make the room look more open, and if you have architectural facets such as crown molding, the white ceiling will frame the wall and show off the molding.

Match Your Wall Colors

before and after teal ceiling paint idea

Although not ideal for every room, another option is to have the ceilings and walls match in color and finish. You often see matching surfaces with white colors, but why not use it with darker and more vibrant hues? Push the boundaries of tradition by having your Paintzen painters paint a bold paint color on the walls and ceiling. It especially looks great if you take the same ceiling paint color and paint your intricate crown molding.

Matching the color will turn your room into an infinity pool with an endless plane of color. Enticing to the eye, this tactic will turn even the most boring of places into a dramatic fortress.

Add Some Color

white brick walls blue ceiling

A soft blue ceiling will make your room feel airy and draw the eye upward as if looking towards the sky.

If you are worried about what kind of paint to use in the bathroom, our expert painters and consultants will help you choose the right paint that fits your ceiling paint idea.

A simple solution is to use a color on the ceiling that is a few shades lighter than what is on the walls. This way, you’ll still have the appearance of a flat plane of color, but not too intense. Hues on the ceiling tend to appear darker, so if you’re looking to open a room up, go lighter.

ceiling painting

If you’re looking to change your space’s size a little bit, painting your ceiling in a unique and bold color can give the illusion of a shorter ceiling, which can make your room feel cozier.

black dining room with white cabintry

In the same vein, have you ever considered painting your rafters? Paintzen house painters can handle it.  We love this dining room and the recessed lighting in the ceiling. But this whole color scheme and design take the custom mural all the way up to the ceiling.

However, in rooms such as the bathroom that you want to find relaxing, go a little darker. If this is something you’re interested in, only put a darker color on ceilings that are above 9ft, so it doesn’t appear as though the ceiling is closing down on you.

Highlight Ceiling Features

bedroom with brick fireplace and crown molding

If you are trying to avoid the monochromatic look, use your crown molding to your advantage and paint it a different color to break the room and the ceiling a bit more.

recessed ceiling paint ideas

With trayed ceilings, add a strip of paint that is a shade darker, and this will give the illusion of crown molding, giving your space some depth and character. Paintzen’s color consultants and professional house painters can help you choose the right color for your room.

Looking for more creative ceiling paint ideas? Browse Paintzen’s samples portal to find the best color for your space. There you’ll find photos of beautiful rooms, plus tons of paint color ideas.