6 Paint Colors For Your Video Conference Background

If COVID-19 has an upside, it’s all the fun backgrounds we’ve found for those endless video meetings. But what if you want something more permanent than unicorns, forests or even your company logo? Bring on the paint. Let’s talk about the best paint colors to use as a background for video conferencing.

Rich Navy

PPG Rich Navy
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Looking for an instant classic? Try PPG Paints’ Rich Navy. This new neutral is both refreshing and adaptable. It helps you stay focused and increases productivity, but it also looks crisp and professional on camera. Pair it with light gold and white for maximum effect.


PPG Seaspray
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Seaspray is a light, pure, tropical aqua, perfect with silver or white accents. This soothing color helps you work more efficiently but also keeps you calm and centered. And turquoise tends to look good with every skin tone and hair color, making it a flattering backdrop for your video calls.


PPG Flagstone
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Flagstone, a mid-tone, cool gray, is ready for its closeup. This hue will give your room a timeless, elegant look, plus its calming effect will help you stay focused on the task at hand. For fans of Mid-Century Modern, this color pairs beautifully with lemony yellow, a combo that would rock on camera.

Lady Pink

PPG Lady Pink
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Millennial Pink, aka delicate or blush pink, burst onto the scene in 2016, and its popularity has only grown. Put it to work for you, especially a warm-toned one like Lady Pink, and you’ll improve focus, boost creativity, and promote concentration. This makes Lady Pink perfect for a home office.

Still Searching

PPG Still Searching
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Green is energizing, but it can also be calming, making it a good color if you work on deadlines. If that sounds like you, give Still Searching a try. With minimal accents in neutral, brass, or silver, it will look uncluttered and clean.

Heavy Cream

PPG Heavy Cream
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For north-facing rooms (or any room with cool light), try painting the walls warm white like Heavy Cream. It keeps the space from looking sterile, like an all-white color might. And it looks great on camera, especially when paired with deeper wood tones or even white shiplap.

Any color can be tricky to light well for the camera, though. Before you dial in, experiment until you get the blend of natural and artificial light just right. Then you, and your wall color will look your best.

Are you looking for more color ideas? Explore the PPG Paints 2021 Palette of the Year. If 2020 has rocked you out of your comfort zone, find comfort in this wide-ranging palette. These thoughtfully curated hues encourage well-being and authenticity and even lift our moods. And three of the colors, Transcend, Big Cypress, and Misty Aqua would be great backdrops for video conferences. #justsayin