10 Beautiful Front Door Paint Colors

When you get home at the end of the day, nothing says “welcome” like the perfect front door color. Even better, painting your front door is the perfect final touch for an exterior paint job.  So get inspired by these upgrades you can make to your exterior.


yellow front door white exterior

A sunny yellow front door boosts your spirits — and adds life to a variety of exterior paint colors, too. Pair this egg-yolk yellow with exterior colors in gray, light green, beige, greige or white. Then you and your house will have a reason to smile.

soft purple front door

Purple may not be the first color you think of when your mind goes to front doors. But when the right shade and paired with white, this jaunty hue adds both whimsy and polish.

burnt orange front door

There’s an argument to be made for the burnt orange door: familiar, warm, and utterly welcoming.

blue front door ppg

Try a rich, bold, mid-tone blue for bungalows, craftsman-style homes, and cottages. While these homes are historically associated with earth tones like brown and green, their strong lines and deep porches can stand up to cobalt’s zing.

avacado green front door

There’s a meme that goes, “You can’t please everyone; you’re not an avocado.” So what happens when you paint your white door an avocado green? We’re betting you’ll be the gathering place of the neighborhood.

dark gray front door

When you think deep, elegant gray, you probably think offices, dining rooms, or shutters. But this classic, popular color also lends its tasteful, sophisticated appeal to front doors.

pale blue front door

Pair lighter exterior paint colors — cream, pale yellow, light tan — with equally light-toned front door paint. A good match for these hues? Sky blue. Its pastel tone won’t overpower and gives an otherwise ordinary paint color a unique sense of style.

black front door

Got a traditional brick home? Paint the front door black. This refined tone will give your home instant curb appeal — plus an attractive, stately look.

front door pink

Farmhouses and cottages call for something colorful and fun. And what’s more fun than pink? This rich, carnation hue pops against white, pale yellow or green. Talk about a “welcome home” color!

yellow green front door

Paint a drab, dated front door peppermint green. Add a brass kick plate and knocker, and you have a memorable, lasting impression of your home’s entryway.

Give your home a color boost with a new front door paint color. And if you want even more color ideas, search our curated selection of PPG Paints and order free swatches of your favorites at our Color Tool. We offer plenty of color choices for a front door. If you’re looking to add a fresh color to your exterior color palette or want your front porch to pop with a red front door, we can handle it.


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